Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Twitter, the new therapy

It's not uncommon to find at least a few emotional tweets in one's twitter timeline on a daily basis - whether about lovers, haters and all that happens in between.

While some find that such tweets might be more appropriate for the therapist's office, twitter may in fact be the closest someone will ever get to a therapist's office.

The short bursts (allowed by the 140 character limit) allow for venting while also giving the satisfaction that someone may be listening, which for some may mean that someone out there cares (especially if someone replies, let alone re-tweets you).

Sidebar: How twitter/social media got people to admit, confess and express in the first place is beyond this blog post (might tackle it in an upcoming post) but it's crazy how somewhere along the road it became okay to reveal your deepest, darkest and innermost thoughts without being forced to do so. Out of our own free will we spill our guts nowadays, everyday. Things that people would previously either need to be paid to admit or no money could make them admit it are now being revealed without any force and out of our own free will. Take for example me and this blog spilling the beans on all my hard earned/lived knowledge, revealing random things learned and observed.

This (twitter therapy) got me curious about the possible benefits of twitter (yes I'm aware that there are potential downsides to people exposing too much of their lives on the internet).. BUT twitter and it's allowance - and sometimes encouragement - of daily outbursts  does allow people to vent and find support on issues that concern or irritate them. This could in fact decrease emotional breakdowns as tweeters vent rather than bottle up (yes I am aware that the internet gives us a whole new array of things to have emotional breakdowns about).

While some see it as a cry for attention hoping that someone will reply and it may in fact be so, don't we all tweet things that we think are funny, awkward, gross, sweet, etc. in hopes that others will laugh, smile, cringe, or at least read it... a.k.a...give it (us) it's due attention? So are we all not seeking attention in some form?

So whether or not you're a fan or not of these emotional tweets, keep in mind somewhere out there someone was hurting and just needed to vent - we all have our days.

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