Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Lo-cket List

Lo-cket = local + bucket list

- Attend Toronto Fashion Week
- Attend Honda Indy Toronto
- Visit Centre Island
- Zip-line
- Trampoline Park
- Perform at World Youth Day Toronto
- Run up the stairs to the CN Tower
- Walk in a TFW runway
- Visit every district in downtown Toronto
- Dinner and drinks at the Real Sports Bar
- Be in the live studio audience at MTV or MuchMusic
- Attend the Annual Caribana Parade
- Attend the Annual Pride Parade
- Fall asleep reading a book by the Harbourfront
- Have my own livable studio space downtown

*this list is always open to suggestions and will be updated constantly
*local and international suggestions are welcome
*An interational list is in progress and will soon be included in the Travels categories

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