Thursday, 23 February 2012

Get it over with

Chimera Shinobi reporting. There's always too much pressure as to what the first post, first tweet, first status update, first get the point, should be. So mine's just going to be "Hi". I've always been told that I talk too much and question too many things, so while the people I know may grow tiresome of it the world can't...can it? Questions, curiousities, sad but true truths, observations, experiences, about anything and everything (well everything that seems interesting to me) are what this blog will consist of...from whether backpacks will ever be fashionable to emotional ninjas to societal issues and the colour purple, it's going to be a neverending stream of Q and As so beware, follow, comment, subscribe, and befriend only if you're ready to really observe and critique everything around you in a new light, cause I promise I will get you thinking ;)

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