Thursday, 23 February 2012

Subway tourettes

Michael Jackson was on the subway today. Well a wannabe Michael. He got on, stood by a door, and then once the subway was moving again began to dance! Yes dance on the subway. The only thing more entertaining that his moves were the expressions on the peoples' faces around me. Some stared at the floor hoping to avoid eye contact with him, while other stared. Those who stared either did so intriguingly or annoyedly. Either way this was quite entertaining to me and got me thinking of what if I just got up and started dancing in the subway one day, or reading out loud, or singing, or...and the list could go on.

Ever want to just break that deadening silence with a shout, song, laughter, or even a sneeze. I can guarantee you that at some point in time everyone has wanted to do something out of the ordinary in that deadening silence of a subway ride. I call these subway tourettes, I've heard people yell at ghosts, hit octaves higher than Mariah, puppies dance, and of course MJ perform. So have you ever wondered what the reaction would be if you just got up and belted out the national anthem...anyone got the balls to try? Just make sure that whatever you try is some kind of prosocial activity, people could really use more reasons to smile and laugh on their commute home. From just saying hi to the person beside you or talking about the weather or playing your guitar (I really hope you sound great), let me know what reaction you get.

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