Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Artwork: Homage to the Birds

Artwork: Homage to the Birds

Even in death some aren't free
Even in death some stay caged
Even in death I can't be me
Even in death I can't be saved

© chimerashinobi 2012

Homage to the Birds began by wanting to pay respects to those gone before us.
Recognizing that even in death some souls aren't able to rest as matters are not yet solved,
recognizing some souls that pass on without much recognition of their being here on Earth,
and recognizing the discomfort and guilt (caged feeling) of leaving without bidding adieu,
is how Homage to the Birds was created.

Nevertheless the cage in the artwork is represented by a basket as a reminder that there is always hope in sight and freedom is indeed acheivable.

Artwork done by your's truly, feedback is always welcome.

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