Friday, 8 June 2012

Lookbook: Coloured Pants

     HnM Leopard sweater                        HnM Jacket                                        Urban Outfitters Top
     Garage Pant                                       Parisian Orange Pant                        UK2LA Beige Pant
     PriMark Booties                                  GoJane Boots                                    Blowfish Jute Boots
     Garage Satchel

Coloured pants have started to colour up my wardrobe as well as the streets this year. They are very different from what was previously in style (at least what I was used to): 50 shades of blue denim, pastel colours, neutral colours, harems, printed pants, etc. Coloured pants are bold ensuring that whether or not you want to be seen, you will be seen.

If you're like me and really wanted to own a pair (or eight) but still felt like it was a little out of your usual comfort zone then try #2 and #3 above. The pairing of coloured pants with a neutral or black top kind of sobered the colour instead of going over the top. And the more comfortable you are the harder you'll rock it out.

Each of the above pairs is a different kind of pant, #1 looser cargo feel, #2 slim fit parisian pant (fits like a brazilian cut skinny jean) and #3 high waist skinny jean.

Break it down

#1 the red pants and the leopard cardigan: The mood was to experiment and be out there. Paired with heeled booties the outfit was comfy yet trendy yet unique (to me, at least, even as I look at the picture now).

#2 the orange skinny and leather jacket: This was a great date outfit. It was trendy and chic and bad-a** all at the same time. The jacket has gorgeous blackened-gold details with the buttons and the sleeves (*close up photo coming soon). The fit of the pant and the cut of the jacket were flattering to the body and the balance of bold colour meets biker girl seemed to instil the appropriate confidence for the night. Good case of "you feel how you look" ;) 

#3 the beige skinny and black top: This was a crazy comfy outfit for one of those blasé days where you just throw on something. It was more so on the safe side with the beige coloured jean and the black top (but low and behold there's colour in the back). Everytime I look at this picture I cannot picture a better top or pant or pair of shoes for the way I was feeling on this blahzay day.  The black top with the blue and white striping at the back (see picture below) really added something different to the outfit and while usually a dress up top the pant made it quite the 'chill' outfit. The shoes add a cute boho look with the tattered top and jute-look.

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