Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pumpkin Carving Dishes on Personality

"An artistic and bond-building hoopla."

This year the challenge was to carve a pumpkin that represented you/your personality. The results were quite revealing. The Beckhams carved out pumpkin faces which imitated their own. 
And here's some of the expertise of the local royalty kind. 
Bucktoothed jolly angel. Angry evil count. Sass. Smiling twins.
Personalities Revealed:
Bucktoothed jolly angel: A self-proclaimed tinkerbell.
Angry evil count: An smart ass with a persistent need to play defensive. 
Sass: A forsaken self-affirmed charmer.
Smiling twins: Long time partners with hearts of gold (no matter how scary they try to be).

Personality is reflected even in the most mundane things that we do. What did your costume or pumpkin carving reveal about you?

The Fright Night Pumpkin Carving Kit ($2) makes pumpkin carving for kids, newbies, oldies and anyone interested in it an absolute breeze. Happy Halloween. 364 days to go ;)

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