Thursday, 5 September 2013

Finding the Perfect Bag is Like Finding the Perfect Man

The perfect bag, just like the perfect man, does not exist. Let me elaborate.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect bag for at least five years now. To no luck, every bag I've purchased has held my fancy for about six months at the most. While shopping for a bag, the pros are always at the forefront of my mind: the colour, the number of pockets, current trend and body fit (I'm petite;). This screening process however doesn't suffice three months (sometimes three weeks) into using the bag. I find that it's not big enough, too large, holds a lot but gets too heavy, rips or just doesn't suit as many outfits as I thought it would.

The bottom line is things change. What we look for changes from month to month or sometimes from week to week. Today, colour and trend may be most important with Fashion Week in progress. Last week, usability and practicality were priorities with the start of school semesters or work contracts. In a month, size and durability will matter when you're fully immersed in your school or work life and start bringing work home.

I've found favourite bags, clutches, purses and totes, but not the perfect one. Not one that I would use day in and day out nor use constantly years and years after purchase.

Just like our needs and wants for our perfect bag change, we change and so does what we want in that 'perfect man.' What you wanted him to consist of when you were 15 years old is different from when you are 18, 21, 25, 27, 30, 32, 35, etc. It's impossible to find the perfect man, who is everything that you want and need at every single point in life.

But maybe, just maybe, we aren't on the lookout for a perfect man after all. Maybe in this case, finding our favourite man is good enough. Just like our favourite bag that we'll never throw out and always keep, just because it's 'that' bag. It's got a trendy-ish colour, small when we need it to be and holds whatever we need to stuff in it when we need to and still somehow hasn’t ripped. Maybe being your favourite is all he needs to be. After all, that's the one bag that has made it with me through 10 years, and it still sits there waiting for whenever I need it.

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  1. #foodforthought ... I 110% agree with our lives changes and in that our wants & needs changing. ... me & my girls were the makers of 'The List' to find out all those qualities of each of our perfect men! ... but funny thing is. .. now.... it's not such a big thing anymore... its something we talk about now but don't really take seriously anymore because we don't consider the same things important!... great comparison with the purses... I definitely have that part of the puzzle on lock ;)