Thursday, 2 August 2012

Do's and Don'ts of Caribana

Caribana* can be a fun weekend to experience the carnival culture.
Expect a lot of skin and colourful costumes with a lot of whining.
Don't be afraid to dance, smile and have a little fun.

Fashion Trends
The usual: Skin
                   Carnival colours
                   Feathers, feathers and feathers
                   Short shorts (batty riders)
                   Caribbean flags
The year:  NEON
                   High-waisted shorts
Wear close-toed shoes - flat shoes
Have fun - experience the vibes and culture (don't go in with expectations instead go with an open mind)
Clothe yourself appropriately - what does that mean? - Be comfortable. Don't flaunt it if you don't want it (attention). Dress for summer, ready to sweat and get dirty. Don't be afraid of a little water, your own or others.
Make friends

Wear heels!
Carry large bags - avoid security hassles/concerns, the inconvenience of large purses and the possible loss of bags is just not an enjoyable experience during a fun crowded parade
Cross lines that you're not comfortable crossing - if unfamiliar with the parade stay at the lines and do not jump fences
Persist if she resists - don't take it personal: a dance is just a dance whether 1 song or 5 songs
Take it personal - personal space is rare during such a parade, understand that and let the bumps and body checks go
Drive - take a cab or public transportation
Get in the way of the floats - you will get knocked over or at least receive cheups alongside a dirty look

Feel free to add more Do's and Don'ts of your Caribana experience. And if you're a newbie to Caribana this year, share your experience on the event and your choices on what to wear and what not to wear ;)

 **Have fun**Jump and Wave**Make some friends**

 *Yes, I know Caribana goes by a new name now, but it will always be Caribana to me

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  1. Don't start fights and especially don't bring guns