Friday, 31 August 2012

Lookbook: Pilgrim Swag

"The scarf - a pilgrim fashion item."

The brief hiatus has been due to a recent pilgrimage that I took to Israel and Palestine including stops in Paris, Lourdes, Covadonga, Fatima, Porto and Lisbon. While there will be a ton of posts on different elements of the experience, it seemed fitting for a extra lookbook post special on summer fashion - the pilgrim swag.

A common and necessary piece of pilgrim clothing is the scarf. Appropriately lightweight for the hot weather conditions and a convenient cover-up at sacred sites, the scarf was a neccesary fashion accessory. Also while fashion may not be the first, second or third thing that comes to mind when thinking about a pilgrimage, clothing is indeed something that pilgrims need to give thought to in order to ensure that they are appropriately dressed.

Urban Pilgrim
Low-rise loosely fitted denim print capri with a solid tank and striped scarf

Forever 21 coral tank
Urban Streetwear denim print capri
Korean Boutique wrap Zippered Sandal
Ardene striped Scarf
Forever 21 beige retro Sunglasses

The capri was loose and lightweight and not thick heavy denim while still sporting a denim print. Being a capri - you get the benefit and comfort of a pant and the breezy feel of shorts. Capris are a good go-to item as they fall to the right length - below the knee - for a pilgrimage. Pairing the capris with a bright solid tank kept the outfit summery and fun. A looser or fitted tank could be worn depending on personal preference. For the weather conditions a looser tank might be more comfortable. Finishing the outfit with a pair of black wrap up sandals, retro nude/beige sunglasses and a scarf really brought the pilgrim swag alive. Using a scarf that is long enough to wear as a head scarf/band and still drape down your back or over your shoulders, creates a more dynamic appearance. Furthermore it also acts as a light throw when you need to cover up your shoulders. This particular scarf complimented colour-wise with the tank and the capri.

Desert Pilgrim: Bethany Romper
Tube printed romper with solid crop top and printed scarf

HnM crop top with zippered back
Bethany Boutique romper
Korean Boutique wrap zippered sandal
Aldo grey satchel
Ardene printed scarf
Assorted arm party collected from boutiques in Jerusalem and Lourdes

This romper was purchased in the town of Bethany. The material is 100% cotton and is some of the softest material I've ever felt. Loose fitting and lightweight it was appropriate for the long and hot days. Pairing it with a solid cap sleeved crop top provides appropriate cover up for the sacred sites. The black solid top balanced out the colours in the outfit as the pant was beige and had a busy print. Here too, finishing the outfit with a pair of wrap up black sandals, retro nude/beige sunglasses and a printed scarf completed the pilgrim look. The scarf chosen for this outfit attempted to bring out some of the colours in the romper. Also the scarf here was worn loosely around the neck, tied at the side with one edge draped on the front left side and the other over the back on the left side.

Boho Pilgrim: Syrian Pants
Printed overized pants with solid crop top and aztec printed scarf

HnM crop top with zippered back
Bethany Boutique Syrian pant
Korean Boutique wrap zippered sandal
Forever 21 beige retro sunglasses
Ardene Aztec print scarf

The oversized pants were also purchased from a vendor in Bethany. They seem to be quite popular at all locations visited in the past month. Again the loose fit and the lightweight feel were appropriate for the weather and the choice of capri length or full length pant allowed the outfit to be in line with sacred site standards. It also made it appropriate for the hot days and the cooler nights. Syrian pants - as some shopkeepers called them - have an elasticized band at the ankle which can be used to wear the pant as a capri or at it's full length. Paired with a solid black crop top to create a simplistic and sombre look. The outfit was finished with black wrap sandals, retro nude/beige sunglasses and printed scarf worn as a head band knotted to the side. The scarf chosen was a blue aztec printed scarf to add a burst of colour ibut still n a sober manner.

What do you think of pilgrim swag? Which outfit would you rock outside of a pilgrimage?

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