Friday, 3 August 2012

Lookbook: Summer Dress Fever

Photo & Model Credit: @naomicamrey
Urban Outfitters Dress - Pink Suede
Rooftop Wedge Sandal

A new take on dresses this summer is the long-tailed back drop effect. What is more interesting though is that this tailed-back can be knotted and left to hang in the back at the middle or side. Definitely a different look and feel. The knotted back is great if you are at a standing social but unsure as to how it would feel when walking around or even dancing. The wedges are claimed to be the most comfy pair of shoes and can easily take on a right hour work day, followed by a two hour dinner date and a late night club rendezvous - tried and tested and passed with flying colours. The necklace adds an appropriate bohemian look, espcially since it drops far below the neckline. The mini cross-body bag with a drawstring closure gives the outfit a vintage feel due to the colour and also provides the wearer with ample space to store their necessary belongings while maintaining a cute chic appearance.

Photo & Model Credit: @pands_d
HnM Dress
Ardene Belt
SpeedLimit Nude Strapped Pump
Boutique Ring (Hong Kong)

This outfit is a good example of summer time dresses gone chic. Take a flowy/ruffled dress add a thin belt and you've a chic-er than before outfit. Pair it with sky-high pump to amplify the sliming appearance. The outfit could take a slightly different look if paired with a thicker belt, possibly making it less dressed up and instead more laid-back. Try it out with different belts and sound off with images in the comments section.

HnM Neon Summer Dress
Coach Wristlet
Boutique Bracelet
Ardene Beige Pump

The colours in this dress were to die for. Neon is in on so many levels this summer and while it usually doesn't seem formal if neon, this and the next dress prove neon can indeed be chic. The palm leaf effect along with the neon coloured print definitely make this a summer dress. The simplicity of the cut allowed it not to go overboard. Pairing it with a brown/beige clutch and shoes seemed to offer a great summery and playful alternative to black accessories. Apologies for the lack of an image of the shoes. Available on request.

HnM Neon Zippered Back Cap-Sleeve Dress
Boutique Drop Earrings (Japan)
Forever 21 Wrist Wrap Bracelet
SpeedLimit Nude Strapped Pump

By far one of the sexiest and mature dresses I've seen this summer! Worn for a 25th birthday this dress makes a statement of grown, sexy and yet fun. The simple cut sits in the most flattering of ways accentuating the front side, back side and the arms! What dress helps to accentuate arms?!!! The oversized metallic zippered back makes the dress well fitting and adds much appeal to the back, in addition to the scooped backline (adds to the sexy factor). The fabric is stretch and breathable. Therefore the dress is actually comfortable. The detail in the sleeves adds to the formal look and makes a more mature statement than a tube, thin straps or even thick straps would have. The mini-cap sleeves added to the formality, in my opinion. The pairing of the dress with strapped nude pumps elongated the legs and definitely contributes to a slimmer appearance. The wrist wrap and watch seemed appropriate accessories in trying not to over indulge and maintain the chic of the outfit. Lastly, pairing it with uber-long earring instead of studs and a necklace allowed for the face and neckline to be highlighted without the use of a necklace (which may have drawn too much attention to the neckline). Remember sexy yet chic.

Summer Dress Fever: Let us know which one's your favourite and different ways you would wear it or accessorize it!

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