Wednesday, 14 March 2012

De-Fashion Week-Virginized

So...I've always had an interest in fashion and it has been growing over the past couple of years. I am no fashion blogger or fashionista, just a lady who loves and appreciates clothing of various styles and the dress-up process (I frequently find myself dressing up regardless of having a place to go;).

So this year I decided that since I've always wanted to be part of this growing fashion industry I decided to attend a show at the Toronto Fashion Week. Quite excited to attend this event the night before, I was quite nervous on the day of. Slightly unclear as to where it was, not knowing what social protocol was in play at the fashion environment (lounge), attending by myself, and not knowing what to wear, all added to quite an intimidating feel.

Approaching the white tents gave the feeling of make-up artists and stylists dressing important people inside and thereby could seem a little unfamiliar to someone not part of the fashion industry. Regardless, after the awkward moments of trying to open locked doors, I got to purchase the ticket to my preferred show.

Oh, before I forget - How I Chose VAWK?
I decided to go through the schedule and since Wednesday was the day most convenient for me I scrolled through the designers for that day. Besides the convenient time, VAWK promised to be quite the inspiring event for a newbie such as myself. Sunny Fong, Toronto native, was showcasing his new Sci-Fi Samurai themed designs/outfits, and on top of that was releasing his new line VAWKKIN, which utilized "real" women (not models but abiding by a 5'6ft rule with one exception of a 5'3 and injecting diversity~will be addressed in a later post on the modelling industry) with clothing made for women in the working world - outfits to go from work to night. I call it the line for the 'vawkkin' woman. It was a great runway with gorgeous designs and details of fur linings and cut outs. Chic and sophisticated.

However for a first-timer like myself the experience of Toronto Fashion Week was about the runways shows but was also about the fashion environment. Here in the lounge where attendees and guests mingle while waiting for the show to begin, photographs are taken, contacts are exchanged, events are promoted, and networks are formed. It was interesting to see fashion students, celebrities, photographers, reporters, bloggers and of course general interest fashion fans all come together under one roof/tent.

Being asked questions, getting photographed and selling yourself ...because you just never know when 'you'll' be in style was a great experience of a sliver of the fashion industry. There was excitement and style all over the area. And it really shows you how large the fashion industry is - but can also be an exclusive industry.

Overall, I think it was a great event and I'm already itching to head over to the great white tent tomorrow to check out the Pink Tartan. I recommend checking out the Toronto Fashion Show at least once if you are even the least bit interested in the fashion industry. Therefore if you find yourself owning more than 10 pairs of shoes, watching ANTM or PR or FS, or discussing clothes with your girlfriends, or even enjoying the shopping or dressing up process - the Toronto Fashion Week will not disappoint you. Instead it will fill you with more curiousity and intrigue for the industry, whether or not you can afford runway promises to inspire you.

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