Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Do's and Don'ts of Fashion Week

In preparation of my first time at Toronto Fashion Week I decided to do a little research as to what I should be aware of.

As recommended by a blog post that I came across earlier this week (which I can't seem to find now)
1. Printed pants were in - I feel as if I saw the exact pair recommended
2. Water - you will definitely need some. I'm not sure if it's the amount of talking done or the wait time, but water will keep you in better company. (make is a size small though)
3. Picture-taker - be it your phone or your camera, you will want to click. However do not overestimate the battery life of your phone, make sure it's fully charged
4. Small notebook - this one was great for me, as I planned on posting my thoughts and experiences of the event but it does make you seem 'important' giving you a writer/blogger vibe and can help you fit in or simply give you something to do during the slow hours
5. Colourful clutch - definitely add a burst of colour into your outfit, be it the clothing or the accessories. (my greenie - below - and my nails were my bursts of colour which were much appreciated by Maybelline)

In addition some of my recommendations after my experience today are:
6. Arrive early - gives you some time to enjoy the fashion environment and be ahead of the pack when the doors/curtains open.
7. Prep-before-Pic - when being photographed take a quick 2 seconds to breathe, calm down, adjust yourself, and smile. This might seem like a given to those familiar with the events but can be quite a rush for someone's first time as most people are willing to smile before realizing their necklace is crooked or their collar is drooping
8. Stick around - hang out for a bit after your show especially if it's in the late evening. The scene is lively and there's a lot of people to meet and opportunities to network
9. Dress for an occasion - here is one place that you want to stand out a good way. This is a great opportunity to dress 'different', 'out there' and 'to the tens' on a sunny afternoon without feeling out of place and like everyone's staring at you...well at least if they're staring at you it's because they think you look fabulous and you're probably one of the models ;) Vibrant colours, chic and stunning.
10. Talk to people - interact with people. Go in with an open mind. Sometimes an agenda may hold you back, but of course not always.

A lot of stalker-like photographs will be taken of the various attendees by the various media, reporters, and bloggers so keep smiling :)

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