Friday, 30 March 2012


B.I. Renegade took place on March 24th 2012 at the International Convention Centre.

Bruno Ierullo taking a bold step with his unmuted colourfully different fashion design created and produced his very own fashion show - 60 models, numerable pieces, on one of the longest runways. Very un-mainstream with relaxed clothing, overly bright colours Ierullo sets his own rules for fashion and continues to inspire.

This show featured one of the longest - if not the longest - runways ever. Spanning 380 feet it was sure to leave an impression.

Bruno Ierullo - the designer/artist of the night - showcased his entired four season collection. The audience was in for a treat with bright colours, colour blocking, patterns, details, risque slits and a futuristic silver body suit. The show lasted a full two hours, making it one of the longer fashion shows to attend, but Bruno Ierullo promises to keep his audience entertained.

The term to describe the collection was different and colourful. He dared his audience to think outside the box and combine colours never thought to combine before.

A very relaxed style was emphasized through the flowly and loose-fit clothing designs, Ierullo succeeded in showing the emotion of the clothing, which was bold colour with a relaxed and enjoyable feel. It was laid back and had relaxed designs compared to tight-fitting high-heeled couture fashion. You could breathe during this show compared to the couture fashion where I find myself holding my breath during the show.
(Disclosure: I only recently  have had the opportunity to attend a few shows)* 

Using zips, straps, pockets and string ties as accessories could easily make the audience eager to go home and play fashion designer with pieces and scraps of clothing. This in my opinion is precisely what a fashion show should attempt to do - beside encourage the audience to buy the newly unveiled pieces. Looking through your closet feeling inspired by recent designs can give rise to new outfits and combos never thought of before. And Bruno definitely dares you to do so.

The visible pockets and the overt effort to reconstruct the pockets and zippers on the outside of the clothing pieces added to it's relaxed feel yet brought about a high-fashion cutting-edge feel.

The colours were unmuted and loud.  Hair was fun, very retro.

Four pieces were very much out there and while entertaining for the audience might have been quite painful for the models. 1. R2D2 (a silver body suit) in heels
                                                      2. Plastic wrapped in (1000) B.I. metal logos
                                                      3. Bagzilla wearing ten or more bags 
                                                      3. Black strings head to almost-toe on a yellow dress 

The finale walk was one of the most colourful images to the eye, leaving the audience of the Bruno Ierullo Renegade colourfully inspired.

Fashion can be fun & Colour is your around ;)

*Not a fashion student just a young fashion hobbist very influenced by colours and unique designs, who loves magazine browsing, shopping, dressing up, and the recent opportunities to attend fashion shows this year :)

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