Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fashionable Backpacks?

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Can the fashion world make backpacks cool ever again? Will backpacks ever be fashionable again? or are we at the stage where totes will rule forever?  

Don't get me wrong, I love totes and have bought them and used them and continue to do so but...Carrying around a laptop gets pretty heavy in a purse or even a tote (yes I know there's laptop bags, but no thanks). This made me think of the price we pay for fashion or the things we do to stay in style ~ heels in snow (or for that matter almost all the time), mini skirts in winter, sheer clothing while we freeze, refusing to wear jackets/coats if they hide an amazingly-planned outfit, refusal to take off shoes at a party (since they are what makes the outfit), laptops in purses, paycheques to fashion gear while other necessities are put aside, the ever-painful wax appointments...and the list goes on. I'm sure every woman has spent a significant amount on a dress only to then have to go out and purchase the perfect purse, earrings, bracelet, and shoes to match it ;) (not complaining though).

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